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The advantages of wind power? And weaknesses?

Views:      Author: Changzhou Shengshijia Electronic Co., Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-08-25     

Wind power advantages

1, the wind is a clean energy source. He is more pure, does not harm the natural environment, the use of environment to take advantage of the natural environment to provide electricity wind

2, wind power facilities are becoming more and more progress, a large number of production to reduce costs, in appropriate locations, wind power cost is lower than other generators.

3, wind power facilities are not three-dimensional facilities, can protect land and ecology. Is a kind of sustainable, better environmental regeneration is a kind of a sustainable, can reproduce a more environmentally friendly

4, wind power is renewable energy, environmental protection, very clean. Wind power energy conservation and environmental protection.

Wind power faults

1, the problem of wind power on the ecological is may interfere with birds, such as the United States Kansas grouse appeared after the windmill has fade away. The current solution is offshore power generation, offshore power price is higher but the efficiency is also high.

2, and in some areas, the efficiency of wind power: in many parts of the wind is intermittent, or worse, such as Taiwan in electricity demand higher in summer and the day, the wind is less time; Have to wait for the compressed air energy storage technology development, etc.

3, the wind power requires a lot of land to build wind farms, can produce more energy.

4, wind power, wind power generation chance a huge noise, so want to find some empty place to build.

5, wind power generation is not mature now, there are quite a development space.

6, the wind speed is not stable, unstable energy size;

7, wind energy, subject to the limit of the environment, only in the wind of the larger region, not a wide range of conduct.




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